Adventus VC Fund for Medical Start up Businesses

Why Adventus VC Is the Ideal Place to Seek Fund for Medical Start up Businesses?

  • January 5, 2018

Developing new medical devices for any healthcare tech startup business turns out to be quite a daunting affair as most of them lack the necessary financial strength to support the developmental process. How brilliant your ideas be, cialis sublingual tabs how competent and experienced professionals you do have in team, still you can’t climb the stairs of success with major shortfall in fund. Therefore, what can be a better way of fund raising for a medical startup than to seek out financial assistance from venture capitalist firms? Especially when there is a growing trend noticed among venture capitalist enterprises wanting to invest major dollars in healthcare startups.

Adventus VC is one such medical device incubator with its team of seasoned executives, who identifies and develops medical technologies both as internal and external business process and it is into seed funding, corporate financing, venture, and IPO.

Here are the top reasons why Adventus VC is the best place for medical startups to seek financial assistance:

1. Values True Ideas:

Adventus VC follows a tough screening process before it decides to invest in any company. It scrutinizes every business ideas proposed by individual startups and sorts out the best proposals that are worth to be given financial backbone out of the lot. Therefore, Adventus VC becomes a neutral platform to all those medical startup businesses who are holding unique and true ideas to develop transformational technologies by giving them equal opportunities to showcase their talent and grab fund.

2. Invests Solely into Medical Startups:

Venture capitalist firms, in general, are noticed to be likely to invest in a wide category of businesses covering different fields. As the risk rate is higher than normal in seed funding, many VC firms show their inclination to invest in the companies which have set their feet in the market and are generating revenues. Adventus VC, in contrary, being a small venture capitalist group is solely interested to generate their funding into medical device producer startups. Therefore, the competition becomes less for medical startup businesses in two ways:
First, there’s no chance of fund going to other business industries apart from healthcare; and second, no need to compete with big companies.

3. Gives Guidance:

It’s always a great deal of affair initially when you’re setting up a business, though you’ve knowledge and experience on the same field. In spite of relentless effort and dedication, there remains loopholes in your ideas. Adventus VC with its team of experienced professionals assists you to fill in such gaps. It doesn’t only provide startups with financial assistance, but also propounds technical assistance and expert advice with the modus operandi of transforming your innovative ideas into a real success.

4. Eases the Process for Startups Holistically:

Startups most of the times don’t have influential business connections to make the job easier for them. Adventus VC has its widespread business network, using which it fastens the developmental process for startups and also helps with smooth commercial release of the medical


Therefore, Adventus VC can be your ideal solution in solving financial crisis as well as it can be a good technical assistance for your medical startup business.

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