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  • January 11, 2019

IRVINE, Calif., Jan 2, 2019/PRNewswire/ —

Pressao Medical announced Sung Pak as its new CEO and board member today. Pak has held various senior executive, advisor, and board member positions with more than 25 life sciences companies (including Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, Covidien, B Braun, and Medtronic) and more than 10 information technology companies (including Motorola, IBM, Scantron, and Hewlett Packard). “Pak has been responsible for generating over $300M in revenue through the launch of more than 15 products and services over his career. We are honored to follow his lead into the launch of our technology and are extremely pleased with initial seed funding,” said Shawn Moaddeb, Founder and Chairman of Adventus Ventures.

The Series A financing follows an exceptional year for Pressao Medical, which saw the achievement of proof of concept and a customized algorithm for energy delivery. The new investment will be used to complete product development and regulatory filing for various countries worldwide.

The company has two products under development. The first is BP-ADJUSTTM, a new oscillometric device in the form of a wristwatch cuff that monitors blood pressure (BP) and heart rate, and utilizes the information to deliver unique energy therapy to control BP. We believe the most accurate method to monitor blood pressure is a cuff-based oscillometric approach. The second product is BP-ADJUSTTM CV, which utilizes the same technology, plus additional features that monitor vital diagnostic information, such as heart rate variability, electrocardiography (ECG), and heart arrhythmia in combination with BP. The system is completely battery operated with rechargeable capabilities and wireless data communication.

BP-ADJUSTTM  & BP-ADJUSTTM CV will be first-to-market devices of their kind and available over-the-counter. “Our technology is truly unique and it will be an absolute breakthrough as preventative therapy for prehypertensive patients and when used in combination with drugs in treating uncontrolled hypertension,” said Pak. BP-ADJUSTTM delivers localized, customized

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multi-modal energy to the median and radial nerves, which are part of the peripheral nervous system, to signal down-regulation of the sympathetic outflow, enhance blood flow, and reduce vascular resistance, resulting in blood pressure reduction. BP measurements will be used as a feedback mechanism to modulate energy delivery. This is an important feature as BP fluctuates during various activities and throughout the day and night.

“Overall prevalence of prehypertension in healthy adults is about 36% worldwide.
Prehypertension by itself increases risk of heart disease by more than two folds.  Prehypertensive patients have a 31% increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), 49% greater risk of stroke, and 44%. greater risk of total cardiovascular events. By current guidelines,  life style modification is pursued over pharmacologic treatment ( as currently there are no approved drugs for prehypertension) which may not completely lower the above risks. Reducing BP even a few points can make a significant impact,” said Reza Allamehzadeh, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Pressao Medical and Hypertension and Nephrology sepcialist.

About Pressao Medical:

Pressao Medical was incorporated in Delaware and filed multiple patent applications covering broad method and techniques for Class II devices. Our board of directors is comprised of a proven management team with several successful exits in medical device and technology fields.

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